Gemma Pedigree


Amari Castles Gemma, MCO n 09 22, 18-05-2015, Complete Inbreeding 14,5%
vom Stolzensee X-trem black
MCO, n 22
Larenda Marcus Moon
MCO, ns 22
Gr.Int.Ch. Lincetta Bon di Alessandro MCO, ds 22
Int.Ch.Sudden Blazing Ollie Oria
MCO, ns 09 22
vom Stolzensee Blue Berry
MCO, g22
Int.Ch. Sweet Suntigers Magic
MCO, as
vom Stolzensee Sweet Queen
MCO, g 09 22
Quasar M´Endless Love
MCO, a 03 
Ch.IT*Shonycoons Timothy Snell
MCO, a 03
IT*Shonycoons Summer Land
MCO, a 09 23
Supernoca Haiti
MCO, f 09 22
East Wind of CaDazz*SK
MCO, a 02 61
Gr.Int.Ch. Pillowtalks King Creole
MCO, a 03 
Int.Ch.  Usambara of Baydar
MCO, g 09
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